Most recent press from Jensen's latest venture, the Cass House Inn & Restaurant

A recent review of the Cass House by Michael Bauer in the San Francisco Chronicle:


“Few restaurants so dramatically juxtapose a historic inn and traditional dining room with a totally modern approach to food. Opposites magically attract in this case. It’s one of those out-of-the-way places those of us who love food dream about, and in this case the dream is a reality.

Chef/owner Jensen Lorenzen takes local to an extreme, and with fewer than two dozen seats he’s able to grow many products in the beds around the property to serve on his 14-course tasting menu. Here’s how he describes his sourcing on the website: “There are times when our menu is vibrant and diverse; dishes are filled with the evidence of a bountiful spring harvest. If we have a large amount of produce ready to pull from our garden, our vegetable menu will be the star for the evening. During the winter months, we struggle to work with what we are afforded by our surroundings, and our menu develops a darker character.”

The food is both enlightening and satisfying, starting with a shot of carrot ginger juice to begin the meal and the same ingredients used in a sweet gelee to end it. In between are such things as crisp house-baked cornmeal chips dotted with onion dip, arranged on a wood block; abalone fritters that look like river rocks, served on a bed of rocks; a broth of pea dashi with fresh brioche rolls; and a basil and pea risotto. On our visit, the main course was a choice of braised lamb with rich soubise with the texture of whipped cream, or white salmon wrapped in seaweed, with the medallions served atop gnocchi.

It’s an experience that stands up to the best in the Bay Area.”